FloorExpo Launches Multi Family Solutions

Marietta, GA, July 10–FloorExpo has announced the formation of Multi-Family Solutions, a brand which will be utilized under the FloorExpo umbrella to specifically target the multi family flooring market through a new division.

While the current FloorExpo builder-oriented membership, operating under the Home Solutions brand, features several members operating at least in part in the multi family arena, FloorExpo plans to build a national network of the premier multi family flooring contractors in America.

At inception, this network includes the addition of Redi Carpet, House of Floors, Redi Floors, Solar Contract Carpet, Suburban Floorcoverings, and Floormasters to the FloorExpo team. These businesses operate in the Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Tucson, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Palm Beach, Miami, Sarasota, Naples, Raleigh, Durham, Denver, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Detroit, Las Vegas, and the San Francisco Bay Area markets, with a combined volume approaching $250 million.

Dave Gheesling, FloorExpo CEO, said of the formation, “We have studied this segment of our industry for some time now, and the opportunities to take it to the next level are compelling. The multi family contractor is the last community in our industry to unite in the wave of consolidation, and, given the recent consolidation of national property management companies, this organization is probably long overdue. We’re excited about the quality of the foundation of this membership; they are strong, of high integrity, and their customers get exactly what they pay for. Our opportunity to add value through this industry channel is significant, and we look forward to growing this organization with top players in each of the key national markets.”

The founding membership is enthusiastic about the potential of Multi Family Solutions. Greg Waleke, Redi Carpet CEO, said, “We’re excited to be a part of the formation of Multi Family Solutions. By bringing together the best flooring contractors in the nation, we can offer our customers unparalleled service. Now, national property management companies will be able to negotiate programs with one organization on a national basis instead of three or four vendors in each of the key national markets. The time savings alone for our customers in the purchasing and product selection process will be substantial, both on the corporate and the property management levels. Also, the opportunity to share ideas within the group is tremendous; we all have unique marketing strategies and special ways of controlling costs, and sharing these concepts will help us improve customer service without increasing costs to the consumer.”

Jerry Hosko, Redi Carpet president & COO, added, “We’re excited to have the FloorExpo team facilitate the needs of our membership in an area that has not been represented in our industry, and, given their track record in the builder business, we know we will be well represented.”

John Maciewicz, House of Floors president & CEO, spoke further to the formation of Multi Family Solutions, “The current structure servicing the multi family marketplace–REIT’s and national managers of multi family real estate alike–is fragmented, and change is surely needed. Industry change requires entrepreneurship, and that is exactly what this group brings to the table. By combining the best service innovations and marketing ideas, we will create a real competitive advantage. Our customers will benefit from consistent service, product, and powerful technology systems designed to increase service capabilities, eliminate redundancies, and effectively reduce costs.”

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