Class teaches people how to leave SF area

Another class attendee and ex-San Jose resident, Christine Howes, said she took the class in 2021 after her sister-in-law spotted it and asked her if she would take it with her.

Howes, who works as a pediatric nurse, says she and her husband both grew up in the Bay Area. But the couple grew tired of their busy lifestyles, commutes and living expenses and realized their son’s high school graduation presented an opportunity.

“I had already done like a ton of research over the years, working up toward this,” Howes said, praising Navalgund’s class. “Even then, she brought new information that I wasn’t aware of. I found it very helpful and so did my sister-in-law.”

Howes said her family’s next step came naturally. “It’s never easy selling your home and buying a home, and she just made it a more pleasurable experience,” she said.

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