California Needs Renewable Energy. Could We Harness the Power of the Ocean?

Episode Transcript This is a computer-generated transcript. While our team has reviewed it, there may be errors. Olivia Allen Price: Hello everybody, I’m Olivia Allen Price. And this is Bay Curious. I want to start today’s episode … at the ocean. [crash of an ocean wave] And my gosh, whenever I look at the waves, […]

Inside 40+ Bay Area homes that have gone electric

Jeff and Debbie Byron’s all-electric home in Los Altos has been named a Silicon Valley Clean Energy Award winner. It is among the 40-plus homes open to the public on this year’s Electric Home Tour. Photo by BeBe Khue Jacobs. Four years ago, Jeff and Debbie Byron decided it was time to ditch their gas […]

‘Batteries are dead’: Indoor solar panel breakthrough offers endless power source

Sign up to our free weekly IndyTech newsletter delivered straight to your inbox Sign up to our free IndyTech newsletter A US startup has demonstrated an indoor solar panel that it claims could replace billions of batteries in domestic devices like TV remotes and wireless keyboards. California-based Ambient Photonics said its new solar cell can […]

Here’s how – and why – EVs and solar are connected

EV owners are more likely to add solar panels to their homes, according to a new US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) study – here’s why. And conversely, owning photovoltaic panels also has a bearing on whether a homeowner buys an electric vehicle, but not as strongly. Researchers from NREL, University of […]

San Francisco Makes it Easier to Install Solar Panels

A new San Francisco pilot program could reduce the permit approval time for rooftop solar panels from two weeks to one day, the city announced Friday. The new program, SolarAPP+, would achieve this time savings by using an online portal that would keep licensed contractors from having to visit the city’s Permit Center. Launched by […]

Here is one way state can end rooftop solar wars – Marin Independent Journal

FILE – This photo taken Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, shows solar panels on rooftops of a housing development in Folsom, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File) California needs to accelerate rooftop solar deployment, not constrain it. Yet the California Public Utilities Commission cut solar incentives for homes and businesses drastically in April 2023. The CPUC’s actions […]