Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot

Before commencing the construction of a commercial building, the biggest and initial concerns are always the construction costs per square foot. Commercial buildings are used in different sectors such as education, health, and retail. Dependent on usage and other factors such as location, the costs can vary greatly. The area’s zoning and geography also affect […]

How Much Does AC Tune-Up And Maintenance Cost In 2024 – Forbes Home

In general, AC tune-ups involve inspecting the unit’s key components to make sure they’re functioning properly, as well as cleaning and lubricating certain parts as needed. Condenser Unit During a tune-up, your pro will inspect the condenser unit, which is usually located outside, for signs of wear and tear. They’ll look for damage to the […]

HVAC maker Daikin opens North Bay hub in bid to speed California heat-pump adoption

One of the largest makers of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems has opened a North Bay distribution hub. The Japanese company is ramping up to meet California’s challenge to dramatically improve energy efficiency for heating and cooling homes and buildings in the next five years. New branch locations in Rohnert Park and Livermore in the […]

Bay Area HVAC contractor among workers enduring 1st heat wave of the year

Bay Area HVAC contractor among workers enduring 1st heat wave of the year – CBS San Francisco Watch CBS News As parts of the Bay Area broil in the first heat wave of the year, business is brisk for a Bay Area contractor and his crew, trying to keep residents cool. Kevin Ko reports. […]

DTC home heating & AC brands like Quilt are on the rise

Home heating and air conditioning products are getting the DTC treatment. Take Quilt, an all-electric heating pump company. After working in Silicon Valley, Quilt’s co-founder Paul Lambert was eager to refocus his energy — literally. As someone whose family had worked in the fossil fuel industry, Lambert felt a responsibility to find ways to make […]