Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot

Before commencing the construction of a commercial building, the biggest and initial concerns are always the construction costs per square foot. Commercial buildings are used in different sectors such as education, health, and retail. Dependent on usage and other factors such as location, the costs can vary greatly. The area’s zoning and geography also affect […]

Bay Area community programs honored at Jefferson Awards ceremony

SAN FRANCISCO — From movers to builders, 59 Bay Area community programs were honored as silver and bronze medalists at the KPIX Jefferson Award ceremony. 2023 Silver Medal winners There’s a former priest, who’s fought poverty with food and housing on the Peninsula for the last 47 years. And a retired professor who’s brought free […]

Kitchen design trending toward smarter, warmer

A clean look is trending in kitchens for 2024, with a bonus if you use the Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz. Getty Images The most functional, valued and essential room in your home remains your kitchen – a sacred space where family members regularly gather to prep food, enjoy meals and congregate socially. […]

Man scams East Bay woman out of $350K after installing solar panels in her home

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court. (Brian A. Jackson/South Florida Sun Sentinel) (KRON) — A man has been convicted of scamming an elderly woman with dementia out of more than $350,000, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price said Monday. The man installed solar panels in the victim’s home before gaining her […]

What is soft-story seismic retrofitting?

On Jan. 17, 1994, a magnitude-6.7 earthquake struck the Los Angeles neighborhood of Reseda. The Northridge Earthquake, as it came to be known, brought national attention to a fundamental structural flaw that plagues thousands of buildings located in some of America’s most earthquake-prone cities. As the temblor rattled the city, the bottom floor of the […]

SF Bay Area Contractors Launches New Website and Directory – SOUTHEAST

Whether users are planning a kitchen remodel or seeking expert bathroom remodeling services, the revamped site offers a seamless experience. They can browse through detailed service descriptions, choose from multiple contractors for each service category, and gain valuable insights from the blog to inspire and inform their next projects. Source link

See Inside a Startup’s $279,000, Solar-Powered Tiny Home ADU

Angle down icon An icon in the shape of an angle pointing down. San Francisco-based startup Cosmic is selling 100 prefab ADUs starting at $279,000 each in hopes of using the profit and a recent funding round to improve its manufacturing process and decrease the cost of its tiny homes. Cosmic San Francisco startup Cosmic […]

Class teaches people how to leave SF area

Another class attendee and ex-San Jose resident, Christine Howes, said she took the class in 2021 after her sister-in-law spotted it and asked her if she would take it with her. Howes, who works as a pediatric nurse, says she and her husband both grew up in the Bay Area. But the couple grew tired […]

Best Solar Companies In Tampa, FL Of 2024 – Forbes Home

Multiple elements are worth considering when determining which of the 580 Tampa solar installation companies is best for your home. Knowing if the size of your property is around 1,686 square feet—the median for the Tampa metro area—will help you determine how many panels you need. Here are a number of other factors to keep […]