Unveiling the narrative of Ruslan Khusniyarov, the HVAC king of the Bay Area, hailing from Fuse Service

Unveiling the narrative of Ruslan Khusniyarov, the HVAC king of the Bay Area, hailing from Fuse Service

Presently, Fuse Service (Fuse HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical & Plumbing) enjoys widespread recognition as a leading provider of HVAC, solar, refrigeration, appliance repair, electrical, and plumbing services in the Bay Area. Nevertheless, the remarkable journey of the visionary behind this multi-million-dollar business empire remains largely untold.

Ruslan Khusniyarov, FUSE founder and CFO, was born in 1986 in a small village in Bashkortostan in the former USSR. The sixth of eight children, his upbringing in a large family taught him the value of negotiation and communication skills.

Everyone expected him to grow bored of school within 2 weeks after starting at 5 years old, but he stuck with it all the way and took his studies very seriously. His passion for learning and improvement led him to starting secondary school at just 13, where he graduated with honors. He later graduated at the top of his class from the Ufa College of Statistics, Informatics, and Computing Technology where he studied automated information processing and control systems.

The next decade saw him working a variety of prestigious jobs, but he decided that he was meant for bigger and better things. This resulted in him, his wife, and their small child moving to San Jose in March 2016. An IT specialist back home, he came straight to Silicon Valley in hopes of landing a job at Cisco. 

Fate had other plans for Khusniyarov who soon found a job repairing appliances at a small company to support himself in America. After a year in this position, he decided to open his own company and in March 2017, Fuse was born.

“It definitely wasn’t what I had in mind when moving to the USA– my background was in IT. However, it felt like the right choice once I got started.” 

In the beginning, FUSE was entirely a one-man operation. Khusniyarov handled advertising, appointments, and the actual repairs himself. At the same time, he maintained a Youtube channel where he documented his move to the USA, getting started, and his business. A few months later, he made his first in-person hire, Stanislav Pakarin, who had recently arrived in the USA and needed a job. 

The two began building the FUSE brand around the Bay Area, taking on as many new clients as possible and fixing small appliances here and there.

Khusniyarov realized early on that, to build a larger, more profitable business, he needed to shoot higher than just fixing microwaves and toasters for the rest of his days. He saw HVAC repair as a means of moving upwards and set out straight away on obtaining his license.

“I realized early that, to move up in this industry, you need to constantly work to build up your skillset to take on more jobs. I didn’t want to be stuck working on little appliances for the rest of my life.”

Over six months, Khusniyarov spent all day around the city fixing clients’ appliances and all night studying in his garage toward his C20 heating, ventilation, and air conditioning license. 

He passed his exam, marking a huge turning point for FUSE. Now the entire company can carry out more complex repairs and installations in the field of HVAC. Just a few months later, Pakarin got his C38 refrigeration license, adding even more capabilities to the company’s arsenal including walk-in refrigerator installation and repair.

At first, Khusniyarov and Pakarin handled client requests and repairs themselves. To this day, clients still call and request the two, looking back fondly on the times they had helped them.

The company grew and grew, onboarding new staff as the client calls came pouring in. Khusniyarov kept running his YouTube channel where he discussed business problems through personal experience and showed viewers that building a business in the USA is very much attainable.

At the same time, the two constantly strove to expand their knowledge and the company’s field of expertise. Khusniyarov pursued his C10 electrical license, and Pakarin his C36 plumbing license.

People began to contact Ruslan for advice on all aspects of starting a business, like how to name the company correctly, advertising questions, and legal documentation because Khusniyarov, as a former IT specialist, documented and structured all the company’s activities himself.

His employees came to him with business questions on how to start their own HVAC companies. They saw him as a massive inspiration and wanted to follow his exact steps. For some time, Khusniyarov advised them for free but hatched a new idea to set up a franchising program. 

In October 2021, the franchise was officially registered and 23 offices are now up and running across the USA.

Today, the parent company is a multi-million dollar business. The head office in San Jose has 4 licenses (C10, C20, C36, C38) and provides clients with HVAC, Electrical, Solar, Refrigeration, Plumbing, and Appliance Repair services. 

They’re an official dealer of several trusted brands such as Mitsubishi, Carrier, Bryant, Daikin, Tesla, and Span. 

The main office in San Jose employs over 100 people, and with franchisees, the FUSE team is over 200 strong. Many of them have their own success stories, as they shared the founders’ ambitions of immigrating to the USA and working hard to make an honest living. Through working at FUSE, they’ve been able to get started in a new country, grow accustomed to life there, and make a solid career for themselves. 

Despite the constant growth and development, the company’s leaders remain true to themselves and their mission set back in 2017 – to provide the best service to customers and ensure a decent standard of living for all employees.

This is far from the end of the FUSE story. The company plans to expand from coast to coast, providing top-quality service to every city in every state across the USA. Their hundreds of satisfied reviews will soon number in the thousands.

“We had a fantastic experience with FUSE when we enlisted their services to install pedestals for our washer and dryer. If it weren’t for our own scheduling conflicts, they would have been able to provide same-day service. However, they promptly arrived the following morning and impressed us with their punctuality, friendliness, and effectiveness. We have now designated them as our preferred repair professionals!” – Review from a satisfied customer on Yelp.

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