If you can imagine it, CMK Construction, Inc. can build it

Published Sept. 13, 2022

CMK Construction, Inc. is in the business of making dreams come true. The award-winning remodeling company, which took home the Tampa Bay Times Best of the Best gold-level awards for Best Bath Remodeler and Best Kitchen Remodeler, is your source for expert-level kitchen and bath renovation. The company has been a fixture in the Tampa Bay area for nearly two decades, and operates on the ethos of “Imagine, design, build,” taking your Pinterest-worthy bath and kitchen ideas and making them a reality in your home.

At the helm of the business is husband and wife team Manny and Courtney Kavouklis, who serve as the president and vice president of CMK Construction, respectively. The couple co-founded the company together in September 2004 and have been taking customers’ homes to the next level ever since. No matter your price point, CMK Construction can give your space an upgrade with its expertly designed kitchen and bath remodels, offering new kitchen and bath fixtures, kitchen countertops and cabinets, backsplashes, accent lighting, flooring and more.

If you’re not sure where to begin in the remodeling process, CMK Construction makes it easier than ever to jump in. After an initial in-home assessment, the company brings customers in by appointment only for a private design consultation in their 4,000-square-foot design showroom. There, you can peruse hundreds of products and get ideas for your remodel alongside a certified designer who can help guide you toward your tastes.

“Everyone who’s a designer here has gone to college for it and is an accredited designer,” said Courtney Kavouklis. “It turns out better for the client than they could have imagined when they (went on) Pinterest or went on Instagram. It’s exciting to see them end up with something better than what they thought.”

And what they thought could be quite an array of things, given the vast aesthetic-filled landscape that is the internet on an endless scroll. Want a custom gold tub for your bathroom? Courtney Kavouklis said it can be done. At CMK Construction, it’s all about throwing the rules out.

“The rules shouldn’t matter,” she said. “Your space should be what you love. You spend a lot of time there. It’s your home. It should be exactly what you want.”

With CMK Construction, the sky (or the tub) is the limit:

“If you imagine it, you can come in here, we’ll design it, and then we’ll build it. It’s very unique and exciting to have someone help you along the way,” said Manny Kavouklis.

Is it time for your bathroom and kitchen to get a fresh, new look? Reach out to the team at CMK Construction today. To learn more, visit https://www.cmkconstructioninc.com/ or call (727) 800-1644 for a free estimate. Happy remodeling!

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