HVAC companies overwhelmed with calls ahead of hot weekend

WATERTOWN – Ahead of the forecasted scorcher of a weekend, HVAC companies throughout our area report being overwhelmed with calls. 

“Everyone is inundated with phone calls right now. We are doing our best to keep up,” said Steven Akian owner of Akian Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. The company is in its fifth year but Akian himself has nearly 15 years of experience in the HVAC business. 

“They can’t find people to service their equipment,” Akian said of customers calling in. “Customers are turning on their ACs and they are either not turning on or not blowing out cold air. That is a problem.” 

Akian said this time of year, they usually see roughly 60 calls a day for service, but that number has jumped drastically this week. The company received 297 phone calls on Monday alone. 

Most of those callers have had to be turned away. 

If you’re turning your AC on for the first time this season, Akian recommended having your cooling systems refrigerant levels checked, along with the accuracy of your thermostat. 

Akian does not recommend people waiting as long as possible to turn on their air conditioner. He said it often results in people discovering issues when it’s too late. 

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