Here’s where Tesla is planning Solarglass roof tile installations

With version 3 of its solar roof tiles, now called Tesla Solarglass roof, Tesla has created a lot of interest in its new solar product. Here’s where Tesla plans to first install the new solar roof tiles.

In October, Tesla launched version 3 of its Solar Roof tiles, and it saw a significant price decrease through optimization and faster installation.

We posted a Tesla Solar Roof V3 real quote comparison sowing the price dropped by 40%.

CEO Elon Musk guided for a fast ramp-up of production and installations for the new version of the solar roof, but Tesla needs to hire a lot of new installers.

We learned that Tesla has received strong interest for the solar roof nationally after the price decrease, but it will only be available in markets where Tesla has installation crews.

Last weekend, Tesla held several “Solarglass Energy Hiring Events,” including one in Los Angeles and one in the Bay Area:

We are hiring Solarglass roofers, installers, and licensed electricians of all levels throughout the San Francisco Bay area to join our Energy Field Operations team. As an integral member of the team, the ideal candidate will work cooperatively with other team members to successfully complete the installation of residential PV solar systems, battery storage, and EV wall connectors safely and on time. New hire training and continued education will be provided to set you up for success in growing your career at Tesla.

Tesla is specifically looking to train roofers for its Solarglass roof, but the employees will also install regular solar panels, battery storage (Powerwalls), and even Tesla’s Wall Connectors for electric vehicles.

Here are all the locations where Tesla is currently looking to hire “Solarglass roofers” based on its website:

  • California
    • Atwater Village (near Glendale)
    • Foster City
    • Hawthorne
    • Irvine
    • Livermore
    • Martinez
    • Milpitas
    • Orange County
    • Petaluma
    • San Fernando Valley
    • Sacramento
    • San Diego
    • Riverside
    • Vista
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • Texas

While this is not encouraging for people on the East Coast, Tesla also held “Solarglass Energy Hiring Events” in Massachusetts and Maryland last weekend.

Tesla is also listing a job for a “Solarglass installation trainer” in Maryland.

As we reported last week, Musk listed “accelerating the rate of solar installations” is one of Tesla’s “two most critical priorities” for the end of the year.

The CEO also promised a rapid production ramp of solar roof tile production at Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo.

He talked about 1,000 roofs per week by the end of the year.

Electrek’s Take

I think this is it.

We have been waiting for this for the past two and a half years, but I think we are finally going to witness the mass deployment of Tesla Solarglass roof.

I don’t think we are going to see 1,000 roofs per week anytime soon, but even 10% of that would be a major ramp-up in installations.

We have to keep in mind that 1,000 roofs per week would mean 500 crews doing two roofs per week, which sounds like a very ambitious goal.

Either way, it will be interesting to follow the solar roof program in the next few months.

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