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San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe is warning residents about a new scam that’s popped up that’s targeting seniors. 

When the men are up on the roof, they damage the roof and demand payment for the repairs, Wagstaffe said.

A group of men, possibly of Irish descent, have been showing up at people’s homes in vehicles with decals for fake roofing companies, offering free or low-cost inspections or simple repairs.

Police in San Mateo, Palo Alto and Belmont are working on cases.

Another instance of this sort of scam occurred in Foster City. Since no case had been sent to his office yet, he did not have the details as to how much these fake roofers were charging.

Information was not immediately available from Palo Alto or Belmont police yesterday. The notice from Wagstaffe’s office also says similar scams have occurred in Albany and San Francisco. Because these scams are happening to senior citizens and in multiple counties, his office decided to put out a warning about the scam, Wagstaffe said. 

“It’s a miserable thing to do to elderly people,” Wagstaffe said. 

Wagstaffe advises that if someone comes to your door offering to do work on your home, either turn them away or check to see if the contractor has a valid license on the Contractors State License Board website: cslb.ca.gov.

The Telegraph newspaper in the UK listed the roofing scam as the No. 1 fraud in Ireland.

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