Between major storms, Bay Area roofing contractors busy with repairs

SARATOGA – As the Bay Area is in the midst of multiple atmospheric river storms bringing heavy rain and damaging winds, roofing contractors are busy.

They’re taking advantage of this break from the rain on Friday to help homeowners with their leaky roofs, especially with more rain on the horizon.

For Shane Cameron, who owns Allied Roofing in San Jose, roofing is a family affair.

“My dad and uncle started a roofing business in the 1970s. I’ve been doing roofing basically my whole life,” Cameron told KPIX. “I used to get in the truck in the morning, go to the office and go to a jobs when I was just two and three years old.”

On Friday, Cameron and his crew were working on a home in Saratoga, fixing a leaky roof.

A crew with Allied Roofing in San Jose repairs a leaky roof at a home in Saratoga, January 6, 2023.


“Today, we’re repairing a leaky area on a roof. And what we have, what we believe we have, is some metal flashing and shingles and underlayment that are just not installed properly,” he explained. “We’re gonna take that all apart and basically do surgery on it.”

Cameron said it’s usually when it’s raining, that homeowners discover they have a problem with their roof. He pointed out where the roof is leaking and the damage to the ceiling in the kitchen pantry.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen storms like this in the amount of rain that we’re getting in calls that are that are coming through of questions of what to do and how to do,” said Rick Berhorst of American Standard Coatings.

With our powerful atmospheric rivers we’ve already seen and with more storms on the way, Cameron said it’s so important to get an annual roof inspection, which is free. Cameron advises hiring a professional and not trying to do it yourself, since it can be dangerous on the roof of your home.

He said homeowners should have regular roof maintenance to clean your gutters and roof surfaces every year.

“It’s not always that easy to know unless you’re really diligent about maintaining your property and inspecting your attic,” said Cameron.

Roofing experts also said the next time it rains, be sure to check all the ceilings throughout your entire home, so you can catch any leaks early. They also recommend checking your appliances like your water heater and furnace since they vent out through the roof. 

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