Bern’s Steak House reopens after undergoing renovations

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — An iconic Tampa Bay area restaurant is back open after undergoing major renovations! Bern’s Steak House in Tampa has updated its kitchen and lounge.

For guests that come to Bern’s, it’s about the history and legacy.

“Hearing the stories about everything in this building, there’s a story behind it, Bern opened this place in 1956 and it just continues to grow in and evolve,” said Chad Johnson, Bern’s Executive Chef.

On July 2, Bern’s closed for two weeks for renovations.

“Over the decades, the dining rooms have been done here and there, but this is the first time we really shut down for a couple of weeks and done this much at once,” he said.

Johnson said the kitchen was updated.

“Technology has changed a lot in 40 years so new equipment,” he said. “We changed the layout and opened up a lot.”

The lounge is also under renovation.

“We will have more dining seats in the space and an updated look, but still staying true to what makes Bern’s itself,” said Johnson.

While guests enjoy the dry-aged steaks, extensive wine collection and the Harry Waugh dessert room, they come for the Bern’s experience.

“Tours in the kitchen and the wine cellar are big part of Bern’s,” he said.

The tours officially returned this week. Guests are taken to the wine cellar to see the world largest private wine collection, with over 750,000 bottles.

“It’s that whole experience rolled into one that really makes it special to people and because of its age in history. It’s where people locally have come for decades to celebrate their important moments in life,” Johnson said.

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