Bay Area Kitchens: Business owner has spent 29 years creating quality kitchens

For Bay Area Kitchens owner Randy Godeau, what started as a hobby building furniture turned into a successful, nearly 30-year-old business.

In the early 1980s, Godeau worked for a big corporation and had a side business building furniture. At the time it was just a hobby that supported itself; he would use the money he made to buy new equipment to build more furniture.

Godeau was laid off in 1983, and at that time he realized he had all the tools to transform his hobby into a living. Eventually just building furniture was no longer financially sustainable, so he started building kitchen cabinets. Not long after that, Godeau was asked by an established cabinet company to start installing cabinets for them.

“The very first time I saw their cabinets, I just fell in love with them,” he said. “I thought this is the way to do it.”

For the next seven years, Godeau worked out of his home doing design work, installing cabinets and remodeling kitchens. In 1990 he saved up enough money to create and open his own showroom.

For almost three decades Bay Area Kitchens has offered kitchen design services, high-end custom cabinetry, gourmet appliances and kitchen remodeling. Godeau works with two designers and several subcontractors to deliver custom, quality kitchens.

Godeau believes good materials and good people are the key to his success. From thousands of options, Godeau narrowed down the cabinet companies he works with to three. Whether a customer wants a traditional or ultra contemporary kitchen, Godeau is able to accommodate through one of these companies.

Godeau takes pride in the work he offers as well as in receiving an A+ rating with the Greater Houston Better Business Bureau and getting referrals and repeat business.

“I love making people happy,” Godeau said. “I love what I do, and it’s because I’ve found a way to make people happy, and most of them not just happy, but thrilled.”

Bay Area Kitchens
17306 Hwy. 3, Webster
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.

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